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Holding the Rapidan

Join us on October 1st and 2nd at Barrett Hill Farm in Mason, New Hampshire, for the last reenactment of 2022 in New England. 

Holding the Rapidan Civil War Reenactment Weekend is hosted by the Barrett Hill Farm with support from the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the Liberty Greys, and the New England Brigade,

A School Day Program for Elementry, Middle, and High School Students is being offered Friday, Sept 30th. Click below for more information.

For Reenactors
The boring administrative stuff

Registration for this event is $15.00 per person. Walk-On Registration is $20.00. Children 13 years and younger are free.

Make Checks Payable to Thomas Connell.  Mail Payment & Registration to:

Holding the Rapidan, C/O Tom Connell, 108 Turnpike Road, Westminster MA 01473.

Call 978-855-5918 for Venmo or Paypal information

Advanced Registration Deadline is September 23rd, 2022



Please: Type or Print names legibly. Registration will be by name. Confusion has arisen in the past because we couldn’t decipher the names.  Would you please list the complete address, including the zip code. Thank you. All participants must sign both waivers.  Waivers with original signatures can be mailed in advance or turned in at the site registration. 

The fun reading

The historical inspiration for the Barrett Hill Farm reenactment.

Over 10,500 military engagements occurred during the Civil War. They weren’t all on the scale of Gettysburg or Antietam. Skirmishes were fought by units as small as a portion of a company, and as large as brigades and divisions… READ MORE

A Letter from the event coordinator

Coordinating a reenactment is an emotional rollercoaster. I am on that heart-pounding ride up the hill, full of excitement at the prospect of a great event. But, at some point, I'm going to crest that hill wondering why the heck I got on this stupid ride in the first place. I'm too old for this &$#@, and I'm going to hurt like heck when this coaster is done throwing me around. Then the event kicks off, and it's like the ride itself when I will be silently chanting, please don't go off the tracks, please don't go off the tracks for several days. After the event, I'll be coasting back into the station. I'll only remember the good parts and wonder when I can get on this ride again… READ MORE

It's all About Scheduling!  Last Updated 7.14.2022

The Military Schedule is for reenactors, primarily for Officers and NCO’s. The schedule contains the
required/requested elements from both Brigade Commands. Its is typical of a standard reenactment
with the following exceptions...Read More

The Civilian schedule is for nonmilitary reenactors. The schedule lets spectators and reenactors know what is happening in the Civilian camps and Sutler Locations. This schedule works in coordination
with both the military and Camp Life schedules... Read More

The Camp Life Schedule is for both spectators and reenactors. The schedule lets spectators and
reenactors know what is happening in the camps, openings, closings, the meaning of bugle calls, activities outside military orders of the day, and provides strong recommendations to the reenactors
for mealtimes. This schedule works in coordination with both the military and civilian schedules.
When at all possible, Bugle or Drum Calls will be used to signal major movements...Read More

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